MMJF is Proud to Partner with TAKE10 Cincinnati

MMJF is Proud to Partner with TAKE10 Cincinnati

TAKE10 Cincinnati is a grassroots effort involving citizens, rescuers, and doctors designed to educate and rally the community about compression-only CPR, an easy-to-learn technique that can save lives.

Developed by Take Heart Austin and brought to Cincinnati by UC Health, TAKE10 is a free, 10-minute training on the hands-only technique that gives people the confidence to act in an emergency.

With TAKE10, you can learn compression-only CPR in just 10 minutes. The goal of this program is to help you build your confidence so you are prepared to help save someone’s life.

Free, 10-minute training.

Focuses on 3 key things: Check for breathing. Call 911. Compress hard and fast in the center of the chest.

Taught by TAKE10 trainers.

*TAKE10 is not a CPR certification course. Information. source provided by Take10 Cincinnati (UC)

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