Which Questions Should I Ask My Child’s Coaches?

Will there be an AED machine available or close by?

What emergency action plan (EAP) does your program have in place in the event that my child gets injured?

How often is this EAP updated and practiced?

What training does your staff have regarding an emergency action plan, and do they have recent training certificates to prove this?

Will there be a cold-water tub at every practice or game especially during spring and summer months?

Do you have athletic trainers at practices and games?

Who will call me in the event that my child gets injured?

Where is the closest hospital?

Who will ride in the ambulance with my child if I’m not at the game or practice?

Where is the closest fire station?

If my child has an allergic reaction to an insect bite or has an asthma attack, is someone prepared to act?

Will you be able to administer his or her Epi pen or asthma pump?

SOURCE: McNair, Martin, Can My Child Play?, The Questions We Should Have Asked, p. 238, 2020.