An Impactful Week. A Lasting Legacy.

An Impactful Week. A Lasting Legacy.

As we look back on the past week of the MMJF Online October Fundraiser, we are grateful for the immense level of support you have shown us.

On Wednesday we celebrated Matthew’s Heavenly 18th Birthday, and 31 donors generated over $1,200 that day. Because of your generosity, his legacy will grow even greater and help protect many more youth athletes in our community.

And Local 12 in Cincinnati ran a story on Wednesday about the fundraiser, the foundation, and the impact it has made so far. Click here to see the story on

In the past week, we received twice as many donations than the week before, totaling nearly $5,000. For the entire month, 99 donors have given a total of over $6,600.

Your pledges help us acquire the life-saving equipment schools and organizations need to treat sudden cardiac arrest and heat-related illness. Our purpose is to make sure youth and high school athletes are properly cared for because no family should have to endure the pain of a sudden death that is preventable.

Thank you again for supporting The Matthew Mangine Jr. Foundation, this month and always. Every donation matters, whether you give $18, $1,800, or any amount in between. You have One Shot to save a life.

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